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alligator jerky
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Sugar Free

All Natural Alligator Jerky


A healthy snack with an exotic twist. Every jerky fan should give alligator a try, if not just to say you did. Our All Natural Alligator Jerky is a popular novelty present when you want to give something just a bit out of the norm, but once you try it, you will enjoy its chewy, unique taste. Want to stock up on our World Famous Alligator Jerky while we have it in stock? Check out our Alligator Jerky Multi-Packs to stock up and save!

  • This is a Seasonal Exotic product ( What's that mean?)
  • 100% Farm-Raised Alligator
  • No Added Preservatives or MSG
  • Sugar Free
Size 2 oz.
Jerky Type Alligator Jerky
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Product Description
Finally...a gator that won't have you running scared. Made with alligator tenderloin, our All Natural Alligator Jerky is a unique and healthy treat. Did you know that alligator is low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat? It's true! It shouldn't be a surprise that alligator jerky has gained popularity as an exotic, gourmet snack among jerky fans. Our alligator jerky is made from 100% farm-raised alligator to ensure our customers are receiving the very best. We hand-slice premium cuts of alligator meat, season with a blend of natural spices and smoke to perfection. Inspected and approved by the USDA, brand alligator jerky is made with only the finest of natural ingredients and is always preservative and MSG-free. With all-natural ingredients such as brown sugar and soy sauce, it won't take long to taste why brand alligator jerky is the best you'll ever find.

Product Reviews

0.5 on 5 Stars

I was super excited to buy this as a gift for my dad and try it! I'm actually pretty let down bye it. The product was super hard (almost felt like I was biting into super burnt steak) and the smell reminded me of Frank's Red Hot sauce. There was nothing "Cajun" about it. It tasted like plain jane hot sauce on jerky. Very disappointed, and I hope the rest of the jerky I got tastes better, since I've had your products before and was super happy.

5.0 on 5 Stars

Now my favorite, wondering if something in the manufacturing process has changed since I find this jerky semi-tender and extremely moist. I only began ordering it in the last month or so but saw many posts saying that it was tough. Not so with what I've eaten and compared to old fashioned jerky it's night and day texture wise. You might get a little fat (which I love) attached to the meat--just so you know.

5.0 on 5 Stars

Delivery was fast. The jerky taste is good, but like other posters say, it is tough at first.

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