All Natural Beef Jerky - World Famous, Small Batch Jerky
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All Natural Beef Jerky


Pound for pound, the best beef jerky available. Hand-sliced strips of Grade A, top-round beef steak seasoned with all-natural ingredients and marinated to perfection will keep you coming back for more. All-Natural, slab style jerky available in an ever-growing myriad of flavors! There is something here for everyone! Looking to stock up on your favorite flavor?

Do you prefer a more tender style of jerky? Try our Soft & Tender Style Beef Jerky!

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  • All-Natural = No Added Preservatives, MSG or Junk (except Sriracha)
  • Made from Grade-A Top Round Beef
Jerky Type Beef Jerky
Size 3 oz.

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Product Description

Beef one makes it better than the industry experts. brand beef jerky is far "ahead of the herd" when it comes to production, taste, and guaranteed quality. Unlike some brands of beef jerky which are the result of mass-produced meat byproducts, brand beef jerky is made only from American-grown, 100% premium choice meat. To provide you with the best products available, our beef jerky is prepared the old-fashioned way. Hand-sliced strips of Grade A, top-round beef steak seasoned and marinated to perfection will keep you coming back for more. Inspected and approved by the USDA, brand beef jerky is made with only the finest of natural ingredients and is always preservative and MSG-free. With all-natural ingredients such as soy sauce, crushed black pepper and a splash of pineapple juice in every flavor, you'll soon taste why is the very best beef jerky available, has the widest selection of Jerky products anywhere! With jerky types from beef jerky and turkey jerky to exotic and exclusive jerky like venison, buffalo, ostrich, alligator, even Bacon are sure to find the jerky you love. If you don't find the products you want here, you better quit looking!

Available Flavors:

Original - This delicious jerky has a mild, very lightly smoked flavor that suits virtually any taste bud. Perfect for people who like no-frills flavors!

Hickory - Much like our Original recipe but with a smoky hickory flavor.

Au Jus - A robust flavor that embodies everything you love about classic french dip sandwiches. It has a subtle gravy flavor, making every bite a savory one.

Black Pepper - Another no-frills flavor that adds the bite of black pepper to this meaty flavor.

Teriyaki - This is a slightly sweeter twist of a classic Jerky flavor!

Sweet & Spicy - We take sweetness and mix it with a little heat for people that like it Hot...but not TOO hot! This is a 5-6 on our Heat Scale.

Chipotle Bourbon - One of our BEST flavor profiles to date! Slightly sweet, slightly savory with a touch of heat...but not much at all. This is a MUST TRY!

Lemon - This is a Mexican inspired flavor profile. With a subtle lemon flavor and a drier texture, this is flavor for the savory lovers.

Lemon Chili - Another Mexican inspired flavor, this adds a bit of the heat and flavor of .Red Chili to the subtle and savory Lemon flavor.

Garlic GInger - This is quickly becoming one of our best selling flavors! Combining the slight intensity of Garlic with a subtle Ginger flavor and then sprinkled with real sesame seeds...this is a jerky with an Asian flare.

Honey Sriracha - This one is a unique take on Sweet & Spicy. We used Honey for the sweet and the identifiable flavor of Sriracha for the heat. If you like Sweet & Spicy, give this one a try!

Sriracha - What do you get when you take the World's Best Jerky and combine it with one of the most popular chili sauce? One of our most popular newest flavors! If you love Sriracha, this is a must try.

Green Chile - A traditional styled jerky flavored with New Mexico Green Chile, this is a savory flavor with an unmistaken flavor of the Southwest.

Montreal Style - We used Montreal Steak Seasoning to give this one the flavor of a fresh off the grill steak! This is a great, savory flavor with a little bite. If you like backyard grilled steaks, give this a try!

Cajun Boil - We used OLD BAY® Seasoning to give this jerky the flavor of a Louisiana Crab Boil! This has a unique, identifiable flavor that just works with our jerky. Looking for something different? Try this!

Jalapeño - The perfect combination of the jalapeño flavor with just the right amount of heat, this is a good "for everyone" kind of flavor. Do you like a little heat with plenty of flavor? Try this one!

Hot - Crushed Red Peppers makes up most of the heat on this one! Our classic Hot recipe is a 7-8 out of 10 on our Heat Scale.

Habanero - With a combination of ingredients like Habanero Pepper and Tabasco Sauce, this one turns the heat up to a 8-9 out of 10 on our Heat Scale.

Ghost Pepper - If you like heat and you like flavor, this is the best of both Worlds. The flavor of this one keeps bringing you back...even though you know you shouldn't be having that much heat. This is a 9-10 on our Heat Scale.

Carolina Reaper - Consider this a warning. Just joking...well kind of. This hybrid pepper is the World's hottest pepper and boasts a whopping 1.57 million Scoville heat units on a scale. The heat is constant but there's a ton of good flavor that still comes through. Perhaps start with the ghost pepper and work your way up to this one?

Product Reviews

5.0 on 5 Stars

I sent packages of your jerky to my son-in-law for his birthday in August and now I am the BEST mother-in-law EVER! Had to fight off his teenage son who I send jerky of the month to for Christmas gift (and he doesn't share those with his Dad!)

4.5 on 5 Stars

Without a doubt, your Jerky is the best I have ever enjoyed. I have been eating Jerky for over 35 years and have tried most all brands. Yours is the best.
Thank you for the terrific quality and tenderness of your product.

5.0 on 5 Stars

Carolina Reaper tastes great with plenty of heat!

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