Exotic Meat Summer Sausages - Venison, Elk, Buffalo & Wild Boar
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Exotic Summer Sausages
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  • Elk_summer_sausage
  • Buffalo_summer_sausage
  • Wild_boar_summer_sausage
Gluten Free

Exotic Summer Sausages

You have never had Summer Sausages like this! We took the meat that we make our World Famous Exotic Jerky with and gave this classic product a uniquely Jerky.com twist. Try all 4 types and find your favorite!

  • Available in four exotic meat types
  • Each Sausage is 7 oz. (6 oz. for Buffalo)
  • Gluten Free!
  • NO Nitrates!
  • NO MSG!
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Product Description
Available in four of our most popular meat types: Venison, Elk, Buffalo and Wild Boar at 7 ounces each (Buffalo is 6 oz.). These Summer Sausages aren't as common as the other kinds...so get them while you can! Consider the 'Double the Meat' or the 'Man-Size It' options for maximum value.

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5.0 on 5 Stars

Super good. I got some of these for my dad and he loved them. The knife set and cutting board is super cute. Dad loved them, too.

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