Flavored Pretzels
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Flavored Pretzels
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Flavored Pretzels

by Bricktown Roasters

The Bricktown Flavored Pretzels are knot your average pretzels. Made by hand, in small batches and uniquely seasoned they make for the perfect snack, anytime. Available in 6 flavors, these are a must for any snack lover. Try all 6 of them today!

  • Resealable Bags
  • Made by Hand
  • Made Fresh Daily
Brand Bricktown Roasters
Snack Type Pretzels
Size 6 oz.
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Product Reviews

2.5 on 5 Stars

I got the bean and cheese. While they were good as pretzels go they did not taste much like bean or cheese. They lack those flavors in any form. I have not tried the other flavors so can't comment on them .

5.0 on 5 Stars

Had a gift basket sent to my son in Texas. He raved about the pretzels. He said they were the best he'd ever eaten!

3.0 on 5 Stars

I ordered a bag of the Cinnamon Sugar pretzels. They seemed fresh with a nice snap to them and tasted buttery with just a hint of sweetness. I had expected a cinnamon sugar coating, though, and was surprised to find that there wasn't one. While the label on the front of the bag reads "Cinnamon & Sugar Flavored Twists," the nutrition label on the back of the bag is titled "Holiday Spice Flavor Pretzels." I'm unsure whether the company is using two different names for the same product, or if the lack of cinnamon sugar coating is perhaps because of some sort of mixup in labeling. All in all, they were fine... but not really any different than what I would buy from the local grocery store.

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