Flavored Pretzels Gift Box
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Flavored Pretzels Gift Box

Flavored Pretzels Gift Box

Pretzel Assortments - If pretzels aren't manly snacks...we don't know what is. Pretzels go hand-in-hand with beer, football games and pretty much anything alcohol and sports related. We have 6 flavors of Gourmet Pretzels that are packaged in 6 oz. resealable bags and made in small batches in 6 unique flavors (well...5 'unique' flavors and our own Original flavor) that will liven up the life of any pretzel lover. Our flavors are: Original, Chili, Bean & Cheese, Fiesta, Garlic Inferno and Cinnamon & Sugar. Here are the available Gourmet Pretzel Assortments:

Small - 3 of our best selling flavors of Gourmet Pretzels

Medium - 6 different flavors of our Gourmet Pretzels

  • Hand-made, Small-batch
  • Artisan Pretzels
  • 6 flavors availzble!
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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Our hand-made, small-batch flavored Pretzels are the perfect addition to any Jerky package. Now you can get our artisan Pretzels in a nice & neat gift box. Use this to pair up with any of our other gift packages to make your gift complete. Try all 6 flavors today!

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4.0 on 5 Stars

I have made several purchases and these pretzels were Delicious. However, their was confusion on how many bags were in the small order. Jerky.com responded to the error and I am now awaiting another delivery of these pretzels...

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