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flavored sunflower seeds
  • Habanero_sunflower_seeds
  • Jalapeno_sunflower_seeds
  • Cajun_honey_mustard_sunflower_seeds
  • Salt_and_vinegar_sunflower_seeds
  • Buffalo_wing_sunflower_seeds
  • Cinnamon_and_sugar_sunflower_seeds
  • Dill_pickle_sunflower_seeds
  • Jamaican_jerky_sunflower_seeds
  • Bbq_pit_sunflower_seeds
  • Roasted_garlic_sunflower_seeds
  • Salt_and_pepper_sunflower_seeds
  • Bloody_mary_sunflower_seeds
12 Unique Flavors!
Exclusive Product!

Premium Roast Sunflower Seeds

by Bricktown Goods

At Bricktown Roasters, we took our passion for specialty flavored products and combined it with one of our personal favorite snack foods to bring you our version of how we think Sunflower Seeds should be. With over 12 different and exclusive flavors ranging from sweet to savory to exotic…there is a flavor for every mood of every man, woman and child. So, check them out…find a couple of flavors to try (or get the sampler and try them all!) and get your Sunflower Seed on, Bricktown Roasters style.

  • Awesome Snack!
  • 12 Bold Flavors
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Brand Bricktown Goods
Weight 10 oz.
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Product Reviews

0.5 on 5 Stars

Absolutely did not like the Jamaican Jerk flavor.

5.0 on 5 Stars

Got the Smoked Habanero seeds and they ate by far to hot to eat. I also got the Jamaican jerk flavor and it is a very good flavor.

5.0 on 5 Stars

What a great company! They have all my snack needs, especially the ones you can't buy at the store. Shopping online with them is a breeze, and for me, the product arrives expeditiously and always with my favorite toothpicks.

Bobby H.

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